Fin and Gill : Sunday re-release

So, a long week ends…the bad news is it’s a re-release, but there’s a new toy next week so that’s good. Now back to commission work…fun.

-Download Fin and Gill-

Design :    Two once piece toys on a single page.

Back story :     Like every good swamp monster Gill spent most of his time wallowing in the mud waiting for someone to walk past to frighten. But the rent in the swamps is pretty high, so Gill had to move into the city with his son. A life in the swamp has made Gill grumpy and negative, but his son Fin has optimism squirting out of every orifice and wants to make the most out of everyday.

Designers notes :     Fin and Gill originally were made for Fear Folds 2010 (I think 10 or 11).

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I fold things.

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