Until Death : Friday release

As we all know May 2nd Quarantine day , and what better way to celebrate it than with a Zombie bride and groom.

-Download Until Death do us Part-

Design :     Two Multiple piece toys on a single page.

Back story :     The 2nd of March seemed the perfect day for Judy and Paul to seal the deal and get married. After months of planning they met at the church along with all their friends and family. This day would later be referred to as “Q day” or “Quarantine day” because of the sudden appearance of a virus with unknown origins. The virus rots the flash and effects the motor functions of its victims as well as giving them an uncontrollable hunger for flesh. Paul and Judy’s infected body’s where photographed by a media student during the panic, the photo became the iconic image of the events surrounding Q day.

Designers notes :     Originally this was a commission piece however the client changed their minds about the projects after the work had been finished, so I figured I’d release the work for free.

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